Exhibition “Alexander Burganov. Sculptor of magical realism”

Alexander Burganov, an artist with a worldwide reputation, the classic of Russian school of monumental sculpture, presents the works of sculpture and graphics, united by the theme of “magical realism”. Intellectual game with space, the ability to convert it with the most, at times, small means, is a distinctive feature of this extraordinary artist’s creative method.

Among the program works of the master are: “The Letter”, representing the female torso ending with an unsealed mail envelope out of which looks a hand in a welcoming gesture; the sculpture “Love runs away”, where the figure almost disappears – in the composition field, outlined with a rectangular block, there is left only a fleeing female leg and flowing up bronze folds of the cloak.

For the first time on the exhibition will be presented a series of reliefs (“Angel”, “Girl and bull”, “Game”, “Letter”), executed in a difficult technique of a “reverse form”. This Alexander Burganov’s personal method gives the reliefs a special quality of vivid linear drawing, where the line, developing to the quality of the bulk form, finds completely new artistic plastic qualities and expressiveness.

In his works, the artist presents the viewer a kind of inner reality – the world of eternal contradictions of the human being. Recognizing the motive through the realistic manner of image, an intrigued viewer strives to find the meanings and enters into a dialogue with the author, by becoming a participant of the magical realism action.

The exhibition is open from 27.01.2017 to 05.03.2017.

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