Exhibition “Colors of feelings. Marcos Marin and Renato Rodyner”

The exhibition brings together two artists’ works in a single exposition space. Marcos Marín captures famous artists on his canvases, creating an optical game of lines that merge into a single entity. His works are almost three-dimensional, they make the audience move, watching the movement of the contours. Renato Rodyner’s works attract attention by its brightness and expression. Made in mixed technique, they show the world, passed by the artist through the prism of his sensory perception. The exhibition shows not only paintings, but also sculptures, among them are the prototype of optical wooden sculpture “Nureyev” by Marcos Marin and iron sculpture “Tree of Life” by Renato Rodyner.
Marcos Marin is an artist of the op’art direction. At a very young age, Marin began a career as a “virtuosi” pianist and has studied music in Anger, France. In the same time, Marin developed a passion for paintings. At the Cité des Arts in Paris, he met the great master Vasarely. Intrigued by the artist’s work, Marin embarked on the adventure of optical art. His works were rewarded with two high awards: the FIAT Columbus celebrating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America (Fiat Museum of Turin) and the Phillips Collection with the piece “Mona Lisa”. Marcos Marin gets more and more interested in monumental sculptures in public places. The artist lives and works in Monaco.
Renato Rodyner – plastic artist, curator, art critic, journalist, owner of Gallery Rodyner and General Editor of “Arte351 Magazine”
After a tour in several collective and individual in Porto Alegre set the workshop in Olinda, Pernambuco – Brazil with the artist Vera Barcelos. In 1985 moved to Rio de Janeiro working in exclusivity for Water-Furtada decorations. Alongside creating prints for the industries of apparel manufacturers. Renato Rodyner participates in exhibitions and creative projects all over the worls. His works are stored in private collections in Portugal, Spain, France, China, Switzerland, the United States.
The exhibition is open from 10 July to 10 August 2016.

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