Exhibition “First time in the first class!”

To the Day of Knowledge the “Burganov House” Moscow State museum will open an exhibition “First time in first class!”
The exhibition shows the objects, demonstrating the school culture of different times. Textbooks, notebooks, graphics, pictures, school supplies of the XIX-XX centuries are unique items telling about the school traditions and everyday life, and in each of them remains the soul of yesterday’s schoolchildren. The exhibition also displays different alphabet’s books, so visitors from different generations can meet here with their first books. Of particular interest are single sheets of “ABC” by famous artists Leonty Bunin (Pages of alphabet books, composed by Carion Istomin. 1692-1694), A. Benoit (1904), T. Mavrina (1969), S. Chekhonin (1919-1920), A. Burganov (2000).
Vividly and ingenuously bring the world of letters to a child – an art, often available only to the artist. Due to drawn colored images, he creates a world of unforgettable experiences in the child’s mind. ABC or the first textbook remain in memory forever, and yesterday’s students often remind their illustrations.
The history of the school textbook is always interesting for both children and adults. The artist introduces acquaint the child with the alphabet by his spectacular art, talking to him in the language of drawing, which he understands. Many famous artists adorned first school textbook, in particular outstanding artists V. Konashevich and A. Benoit, whose iconic images of the alphabet are on display. Their paintings to the alphabet – a sublime professional art of graphics. Some cherished, and finding a good response in the hearts of children and adults images and scenes come to life on the pages of the alphabet of the early XX century.
The exhibited sculptures by People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Burganov “ABC for the deaf”, “ABC” and others will allow not only to see, but also to touch the world of letters.
The exhibition will be interesting for today and yesterday’s students.
The exhibition will be open from 1 to 30 September 2016.

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