Exhibition of a work

Fans of Alexander Bourganov’s art have an opportunity to get acquainted with the new work of the master, not previously available to the general public. This work of art offers another facet of the artist’s talent.

Master was working on a sketch of the composition for several years, creating a number of variants.

The unique tapestry of grandiose proportions “Unicorn” (3m x 6m) is woven by hand with cross weave on a specially created for this huge loom. Weaverы worked to create a tapestry for 5 years. In the manufacture of the tapestry thread were used more than 80 colors – from bright black to white pearlescent through complex blue and ocher and gold.

A.Bourganov’s tapestry “Unicorn” became a kind of dialogue with the famous series of French tapestries from the late 15th century from the Cluny Museum in Paris.

The theme of the tapestry – the eternal theme of love – was inspired by medieval French legend of the Unicorn, and a lovely Lady.

Unicorn is a mythical animal that played an important role in medieval legends and tales. He killed everyone on its way. And only a chaste woman could tame him.

Tapestry is made on the artist’s sketch by weavers Marina Ivanovskaya and Galina Lyalikova in 2005-2010.

The tapestry “Unicorn” can be seen in the “Pegasus” gallery from 14 March 2016.

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