Exhibition of young artists of the CIS countries

The exhibition presents the works of art made by the students of the Commonwealth of Independent States. All the works are made in the workshop under the guidance of People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Bourganov, who attaches great importance to the constant creative dialogue with young artists from different countries.

In this regard, for the past seven years the museum “Bourganov House” organizes the International Symposium of the students from the artistic universities of the CIS countries on the sculpture. Over the years, the best students of the Moscow State Art and Industry University named after S.G. Stroganov (Russia), Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts (Armenia), State Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of Moldova, the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov, National Academy of Arts of the Kyrgyz Republic named after T. Sadykov, the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, became the Symposium participants.

The main thing that unites national art schools, representatives of which participate in the Symposium, – it is the fundamental character of art education and sensitive response to the realities of the contemporary artistic process.

The Symposium does not only provide young talented sculptors with the opportunity to communicate, but also integrates them into a professional workshop, in which competition harmonizes with the exchange of experiences.

The plan of the museum is to hold the Eighth Symposium in 2016, as well as to establish of a permanent exhibition center of the young artists of the CIS countries.

Presented exhibition is only a small part of the works created by the participants of the Symposium since 2008.

On the eve of the spring eternal values were chosen as a theme of the exhibition ​​- Beauty, Woman and Love.

The exhibition is open from 17.02.2016 to 15.04.2016

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