Exhibition “Whisper of Grass”. As part of the Ecology Year

Ecology in art is a development of the theme of dialogue between human and nature. The exhibition in the “Burganov House” Museum represents works of art united under the theme of metamorphosis of human and natural forms.
Among the most outstanding displays of the exhibition are Alexander Burganov’’s surrealist sculptures: “Bouquet” putting an equal sign between the flower and the beauty of the human body; “Farewell to Summer” – the symbolic image of the summer.
The name of the exhibition was given by Maria Burganova’s work “Whisper of Grass”, which represents a huge stalk of cereals and leaves, endowed with features of human faces.
The most mysterious exhibit called “Walk” will meet visitors immediately at the entrance to the museum.
Everyone can try to guess the artist’s riddle and to write a short essay. The author of the best version will receive an album of works by Alexander Burganov with the author’s autograph.
The exhibition is open from 15 May to 15 August 2017

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