Modern masters of the portrait

The exhibition represents the fringes of a large genre with a centuries-old history. The audience will see the different directions of the art of the portrait, learn what value the portrait has in modern art and public space.
The exhibition will feature ceremonial and lyrical, documentary and allegorical portraits. All of them are executed by outstanding artists of the twentieth century and are not only a reflection of the personality of the portrayed, but also of the contemporary era.
The exhibition will feature a portrait of A. Golubkina’s “Boy”, which created a child’s impeccable, defenseless image, the stylized “Woman’s Head” by S. Konenkov, the almost grotesque image of Yuri Luzhkov, created by A.Pologova. For some sculptors, A. Burganov himself became portrayed. His brutal image was performed by V. Tsigal, hyperrealistic – by A. Smolenkov, academic – by L. Baranov.
A.N. Burganov will present at the exhibition a number of works in a wide range from classics to surrealism.
This composition of the exposition makes the exhibition multifaceted and interesting.
The exhibition is open from October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017.

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