My Pushkin. To the 180th anniversary of the death of a Poet

Everyone knows well Alexander Burganov’s sculptural composition on Stary Arbat “Pushkin and Natalie”, moreover, the sculptor created several monuments to A.S. Pushkin, one of them was installed in Washington.

The exhibition demonstrates sculptures and a series of graphic works by Alexander Burganov, dedicated to the great Russian poet. Alexander Burganov’s drawings on Pushkin’s themes represent mostly kind of romantic fantasies, fixations of consciousness stream, as if emerging from the depths of the soul. These drawings are always clear and bright, they seem to be made of the music of lines, in which suddenly emerges a person or a part of a human figure. In sculpture and graphic, an artist strives to achieve the impression of improvisation inherent to the drawings of the poet himself. Pushkin rushes on skate board upside down with Natalie. The new times have come, the muse wings turned into poetic rollers and picked up Pushkin and Natalie. In another drawing the characters fly in an imaginary honeymoon trip to America. Like the mythical birds, they soar over the dome of the Capitol. So the artist moves the poet in the XXI century.


The entire Pushkin series of Alexander Burganov’s works presented at the exhibition, is meaningful, artistically original and expressive. A.N. Burganov wrote a glorious page in Russian Pushkin theme.

The exhibition is open from 10 February 2017 to 5 March 2017.

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