About the museum

The museum presents the works of an outstanding Russian sculptor Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov. This is an artist of a world fame. His works adorn the squares of cities in Europe, America, Asia, and are stored in the collections of major museums.

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Alexander Burganov

People's Artist of Russia, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction, prizewinner of the State Prize of the USSR, Doctor of Arts, Professor.

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Art of 1960-70-ies

The artistic heritage and the importance of the artists of 1960-70-ies in the history of art and national culture is hard to be overestimated, and every year the scale of this phenomenon is becoming more tangible. In the 1960s, new themes appeared in art, resonating to literature and drama – the themes of reflection of

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Душа_лучшая ск

Alexander Burganov’s “Soul”

The history of this sculpture creation is related with the name of Pierre Cardin, with whom Alexander Burganov became acquainted in 2007, when the artist had his personal exhibition in Paris. As Pierre Cardin wrote later: “I immediately felt his style and originality of thought. I invited him to participate in the festival in Lacoste,

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Choose your favorite sculpture

An action “Choose your favorite sculpture” has completed. Thanks to all the visitors of the museum, which took part in it. We will take into account your choice in the formation of the new exposition, exhibitions and guided tours of the museum. In the news, we will publish the history of creation of Alexander Burganov’s

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Exhibition “First time in the first class!”

To the Day of Knowledge the “Burganov House” Moscow State museum will open an exhibition “First time in first class!” The exhibition shows the objects, demonstrating the school culture of different times. Textbooks, notebooks, graphics, pictures, school supplies of the XIX-XX centuries are unique items telling about the school traditions and everyday life, and in

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Exhibition “Artists in the times of changes”

The opening of the exhibition takes place on July 21 at 4 pm at Kuznetsky Most, h. 11. People’s Artist Alexander N. Burganov’s works participate in the exhibition. Among them – the sculpture “Mousetrap”, and the composition “Flight”, devoted to Mark Chagall. The project “Artists in the times of changes” presents the work by contemporary

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Exhibition “White Angel”

On 6 July opened an exhibition of people’s artist Alexander Bourganov’s works “White Angel” in the Sergiyev Posad History and Art Museum-Reserve the “Stable yard” museum complex. In the open air are exhibited the works, executed in surrealist and mystical style. Among them are the sculptures “Throne”, “Walking through the museum”, “White angel”, composition “Angels”

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Summer in the “Bourganov House”

Traffic jams on city roads on Thursday night is a common phenomenon. The alternative is a pleasant evening at the museum. The exposition and exhibitions are open until 21.00. The tours for groups without an appointment. To participate in the excursions it is enough to go to the specified time to the museum ticket office.

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