About the museum

The museum presents the works of an outstanding Russian sculptor Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov. This is an artist of a world fame. His works adorn the squares of cities in Europe, America, Asia, and are stored in the collections of major museums.

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Alexander Burganov

People's Artist of Russia, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction, prizewinner of the State Prize of the USSR, Doctor of Arts, Professor.

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Biennale of Contemporary Sculpture. Moscow sculpture

The exhibition, in which Moscow sculptors participate, is held for the second time on the territory of Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. Contemporary sculpture is still the volume and form, which is called to transform the space. As a form of artistic practice, nowadays, the sculpture becomes more and more open and comprehensible. It is independent to the

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Exposition “Wooden sculpture”

In the context of preparation for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the museum new exhibition “Wooden sculpture”, uniting works by prominent contemporary artists: Alexander Bourganov, Maria Bourganova, Victor Korneev, Anatoly Komelin opened. Monumental “Muse” by honored Artist of Russia, Maria Bourganova became the center of exposition. A dynamic figure, composed of mahogany body,

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Exhibition of a work

Fans of Alexander Bourganov’s art have an opportunity to get acquainted with the new work of the master, not previously available to the general public. This work of art offers another facet of the artist’s talent. Master was working on a sketch of the composition for several years, creating a number of variants. The unique

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Exhibition “Rough style: image and myth”

From March 20 to April 30, 2016   The exhibition “Rough style: image and myth” presents a new view on an outstanding phenomenon of Russian culture, by extending the existing narrow boundaries of the perception of this school in Russian art. The exhibition is timed to the anniversary of the Moscow State museum “The Bourganov

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Exhibition of young artists of the CIS countries

The exhibition presents the works of art made by the students of the Commonwealth of Independent States. All the works are made in the workshop under the guidance of People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Bourganov, who attaches great importance to the constant creative dialogue with young artists from different countries. In this regard, for the

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Julia Smolenkova polyphonic abstractions

The exhibition is open from 30.01.2016 to 15.03.2016   The boundary separating figurative and abstract art, declared by nominal founder of abstract art V. Kandinsky as a “rupture from the model, the nature to the transcendent essence of objects and phenomena”, many people crossed having formed in XX century a whole series of directions in

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