The Art of Sculpture. Elements

The exhibition “The Art of Sculpture” is a notable project, which takes place annually in the halls of the “Burganov House” Moscow State museum. The theme in 2016 became the “Elements” – the ubiquitous and timeless, forming spaces and times, feelings and thoughts.
The art of sculpture have something to be inspired by: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, crowned by the Spirit, are in the basis of all the works.
The elements are the basis of everything, this is the original thing, which shapes everything around it. Their global and magical qualities affect the minds of philosophers and artists, scientists and poets. Throughout the history of humanity the best of them attempted to describe, explain, organize the elements. They imagined them abstract, in the form of geometric figures, and sensual – in the form of human emotions, where the fire was anger and determination, the earth – reliability and thoroughness, the air – fun and mobility, the water – imagination and variability.
Undoubtedly, the elements define an artist’s creative path. Some are attracted by the metal, associated with fire, others think in images of the earth, sculpting in clay. The fate of the third ones is related to the marble. Everyone, having touched his “own” element once, remains faithful to it for many years and, leaving, returns again and again.
Symbolic images of the elements vary infinitely. We will meet them in the images of human lifetimes, where the fire is symbolized by the birth, the air – by the youth, the water – by the maturity, the earth – by the old age; and in the seasons; in sacred and mythical images and in realistic paintings.
Elements melt, rage, tremble, sound around us.
The exhibition is open from December 17, 2016 to March 15, 2017.

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