The Exhibition  “First Russian ABC”

At the exhibition timed to September 1 – the state national holiday “Knowledge Day”, the pages of the first Russian alphabet created by the hieromonk of the Moscow Chudov Monastery Karion Istomin and artist Leonti Bunin in 1694 are presented. On each sheet of the alphabet is a capital letter and near it objects on this letter, moralizing verses and explanations.

The ABC is a reflection of the surrounding world, since the picture illustrating the letter must be recognized by the child, it must be familiar to him. ABC by Leonti Bunin gives modern visitors the opportunity not only to appreciate the high artistic merits of fine prints, but also to meet in the real ordinary space surrounding the first-grader in the XVII century. These items are known to every child: an icon, a crown, a clock, a handkerchief, a tablecloth, a helmet, a barrel, a fishing net, a chicken, and others. Also depicted are foreign objects, plants and animals: European park sculpture, grapes, elephant and lion, cypress. In addition, the pages of the primer revive mythological and biblical characters. Representatives of different professions are also represented here, among them an astronomer, historiographer, musicians, etc. Looking at a small orchestra, you can examine musical instruments – violin, harp, mandolin, flute, obviously familiar to a small pupil. The alphabet also reported the initial knowledge of geography – on its pages are depicted parts of the world: America, Africa, Asia.

The alphabet as cultural and historical phenomenon has long outgrown the genre of a textbook for teaching literacy. This is a special book that has become part of everyone’s biography. From it begins a dialogue with the world of written culture and the word, a dialogue with great literature. The alphabet was illustrated by outstanding artists.

The exhibition will also feature graphic and sculptural works dedicated to this remarkable book.

The exhibition is open to visitors from September 1 to September 30, 2017.

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