Works of Antique art from the collection of Moscow State Museum the “Bourganov House”

On the exhibition, the visitors have a rare chance to see the works of Antique art from the museum collection. The majority of works descended from Berlin Antique collection and then it was handed to the collection of Moscow State Museum the “Bourganov House” in 2001.
The collection unites sculpture, represented by Greek and Roman originals, and the ceramics from Corinth, Attica, Boeotia, Etruria, and southern Italy. Almost all the monuments have not only historical significance, but also outstanding artistic qualities; they are unique and represent the products of high art.
Works of art in ceramics and stone, dating back to IV-I centuries B.C. are represented on the exhibition.
The connoisseurs of ancient Greek and Roman art will be satisfied with a refined “Aphrodite’s head” and a pitcher with depiction of Venus with two cupids and Bacchus.
Exhibition of works of ancient art is deliberately located in the same space of the gallery “Pegasus” with the exhibition “Antiquity in Alexander Bourganov works”. According to the curators’ plan, it should emphasize the inextricable link of contemporary art with antique art.
The exhibition is a part of the cross year of Russia and Greece.
The exhibition is open from 4 July to 31 August.

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