Museum of Surrealism

Alexander Burganov’s Surrealism


The museum “Burganov House” represents an unusual world of surrealism – one of the most striking phenomena in art, which is now once again, attracts attention of the public, showing bright images, impossible combinations of an interpreted reality. For Moscow, it is the only and unique experience in the presentation of high European art movement, represented in the art world by the works of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst. Russian sculptor Alexander Burganov’s name is among them. Exactly his name is associated with the Russian tradition of this vibrant artistic phenomenon.

Alexander Burganov is an outstanding representative of surrealism; he has a well recognizable author’s handwriting. A special metaphoric world, in which paradoxical ideas and unexpected contrasts acquire flesh, the incompatible combines. The artist refers to the images – symbols. His images do not subject to any laws of the real anatomy and the usual visual perception. They change their shape and are in constant transformation from one state to another.

Alexander Burganov’s works – “Letter”, “Prophet”, “Fingers”, “Big Book” show an absolute freedom of the artist’s creative process characteristic for the surrealism.

The architecture of the museum was created by Alexander Burganov and was thought of as a natural continuation and an integral part of the sculptural works presented here. Spaces of the museum freely flow into each other, connected with outdoor courtyards. External become internal objects change their usual qualities, finding a new entity.

A prominent theoretician and practitioner of surrealism Robert Desnos said about the essence of this phenomenon:

“I say “like” and everything is metamorphosed;

marble into water,

the sky into orange ribbons,

wine into new bottles,

the heart into little pieces,

one’s back into it,

laughter into tears”.



Every work presented in the museum is read by a common nerve that vividly reproduces the possibilities of creation of their new unexpected reality with displaced concepts of existence, images, and artistic gestures. The essence of transformations, highlighting the depth of the idea, of the authenticity of mysterious, of the incredibility of ordinary particularly attracts Alexander Burganov.