Price list of paid services provided by GBUK “The Bourganov House Moscow State Museum” from 01.01.2016

Tickets for individual visit
Veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
Unemployed persons with disabilities of 1 and 2 groups;
Veterans of combat operations;
Orphaned children left without parental care, children with disabilities;
Older citizens in the boarding house for the disabled and the elderly;
Children under 6 years inclusive;
Employees of museums of the Russian Federation and members of ICOM
Children from 7 to 17 years inclusive,
Students of full-time, students of educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher education;
Families with three or more children until the youngest child is 16 years old (student in educational institutions, implementing educational programs – 18 years)


100 rub




Persons who do not fall under the preferential category 150 rub 


Every third Sunday of the month the entrance to the museum is free (in the mode of self-examination of expositions and temporary exhibitions).

Excursion services are provided by appointment by phone 8 (495) 695-04-29 or e-mail

Excursions are available for groups of 5 people and more.

The cost of a ticket with an excursion in Russian
300 rub per person
The cost of a ticket with a tour service in English
500 rub per person


Additional services

                    Photography 150 rub