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фантастический портрет

Surrealism. Russian tradition – 2017

The “Burganov House” Museum represents an unusual world of Surrealism of one of the most striking directions in art, which now draws attention, presenting vivid images, impossible combinations of an interpreted reality. The images of Russian surrealism, like the European one, are polyvalent and polysemantic. The spaces are displaced and broken. The external gets confused

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Female images in art

The exhibition presents works by A. Burganov, interpreting female image polysemantic and multifariously. Unknown, Beautiful Lady, Beloved, Wife, Mother in his works take on a special significance of characters of a magical epic. Among the most expressive works are “Soul” – portrait of a woman devoid of facial features, “Pieta” – grieving mother, “Portrait of

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Пушкин цветной

My Pushkin. To the 180th anniversary of the death of a Poet

Everyone knows well Alexander Burganov’s sculptural composition on Stary Arbat “Pushkin and Natalie”, moreover, the sculptor created several monuments to A.S. Pushkin, one of them was installed in Washington. The exhibition demonstrates sculptures and a series of graphic works by Alexander Burganov, dedicated to the great Russian poet. Alexander Burganov’s drawings on Pushkin’s themes represent

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New excursion program “Artist’s workshop”

The “Burganov House” Museum starts a new excursion program “Artist’s workshop” from February, 2017. Artist’s Workshop is a multi-faceted, universal and always unique phenomenon in the cultural space. In every European capital, among local attractions, there is an artist’s workshop, which has become a museum. Rembrandt’s, Rodin’s, Konenkov’s, Picasso’s, Dali’s, Burganov’s workshops firmly established in

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Мастер класс Открытая мастерская в Доме Бурганова

Alexander Burganov’s Master-Class

The “Burganov House” Museum announces the beginning of a new program “Alexander Burganov’s Master-Class”. If you want to make a unique gift for your loved ones, friends and colleagues, the Master-Class will enable it to carry out. Alexander Burganov will mold portrait from life in the soft material. You can take your portrait. It is

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