Surrealism. Russian tradition – 2017

The “Burganov House” Museum represents an unusual world of Surrealism of one of the most striking directions in art, which now draws attention, presenting vivid images, impossible combinations of an interpreted reality.

The images of Russian surrealism, like the European one, are polyvalent and polysemantic. The spaces are displaced and broken. The external gets confused with the internal, objects change their usual qualities, acquiring new entity. The essence of transformation, highlighting the depth of ideas, particularly attracted Russian artists.

The “Surrealism. Russian tradition” project is annual for the museum “Burganov House”. The exhibition presents contemporary Russian artists, consistently and purposefully using surrealistic method in their creative work: A. Burganov, M. Verkholantsev, L. Baranov, M. Burganova, M. Gorshunkov and others.

The artists have created a special metaphorical world in which paradoxical ideas and unpredictable contrasts take on flesh, combines the incompatible. The images are not subject to any laws of the real anatomy and the usual visual perception. They change their shape and are in constant transformation from one state to another.

The exhibition is open from 06.03.2017 to 30.04.2017.

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