Monthly Archives: August 2016

Alexander Burganov’s “Soul”

The history of this sculpture creation is related with the name of Pierre Cardin, with whom Alexander Burganov became acquainted in 2007, when the artist had his personal exhibition in Paris. As Pierre Cardin wrote later: “I immediately felt his style and originality of thought. I invited him to participate in the festival in Lacoste,

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Choose your favorite sculpture

An action “Choose your favorite sculpture” has completed. Thanks to all the visitors of the museum, which took part in it. We will take into account your choice in the formation of the new exposition, exhibitions and guided tours of the museum. In the news, we will publish the history of creation of Alexander Burganov’s

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Exhibition “First time in the first class!”

To the Day of Knowledge the “Burganov House” Moscow State museum will open an exhibition “First time in first class!” The exhibition shows the objects, demonstrating the school culture of different times. Textbooks, notebooks, graphics, pictures, school supplies of the XIX-XX centuries are unique items telling about the school traditions and everyday life, and in

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