Alexander Burganov’s “Soul”

The history of this sculpture creation is related with the name of Pierre Cardin, with whom Alexander Burganov became acquainted in 2007, when the artist had his personal exhibition in Paris.
As Pierre Cardin wrote later: “I immediately felt his style and originality of thought. I invited him to participate in the festival in Lacoste, which previously did not include the fine arts…”
Alexander Burganov says:
“Once Pierre Cardin and I were in the Louvre and examined the collection of antique sculptures. “Well,” – said Cardin. – But how to depict the invisible – the very Soul of the sculpture?”
– I’ll try, – said Burganov.
To begin, I made a beautiful goddess. And then I made the door in her head. I opened it and saw the internal space of the statue. And there I placed another portrait of the goddess as a reflection of the Soul. Therefore, we saw the external beauty and internal shape of the sculpture.
-Bravo, – said Cardin. – Now this is one of my favorite of your works”.

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