Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer in the “Bourganov House”

Traffic jams on city roads on Thursday night is a common phenomenon. The alternative is a pleasant evening at the museum. The exposition and exhibitions are open until 21.00. The tours for groups without an appointment. To participate in the excursions it is enough to go to the specified time to the museum ticket office.

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Biennale of Contemporary Sculpture. Moscow sculpture

The exhibition, in which Moscow sculptors participate, is held for the second time on the territory of Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. Contemporary sculpture is still the volume and form, which is called to transform the space. As a form of artistic practice, nowadays, the sculpture becomes more and more open and comprehensible. It is independent to the

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Exposition “Wooden sculpture”

In the context of preparation for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the museum new exhibition “Wooden sculpture”, uniting works by prominent contemporary artists: Alexander Bourganov, Maria Bourganova, Victor Korneev, Anatoly Komelin opened. Monumental “Muse” by honored Artist of Russia, Maria Bourganova became the center of exposition. A dynamic figure, composed of mahogany body,

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