Exposition “Wooden sculpture”

In the context of preparation for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the museum new exhibition “Wooden sculpture”, uniting works by prominent contemporary artists: Alexander Bourganov, Maria Bourganova, Victor Korneev, Anatoly Komelin opened.
Monumental “Muse” by honored Artist of Russia, Maria Bourganova became the center of exposition. A dynamic figure, composed of mahogany body, is made with high artistry. Maria Bourganova’s metaphorical still lifes, and, of course, one of the most emotional images of the exhibition – soaring under the ceiling “Angel” in a fluttering cape, carved from mahogany, attract attention.
People’s artist of Russia Alexander Bourganov presents the experience of minimalism in the wooden sculpture, working with big clear spaces or simple geometric elements, which compose into recognizable silhouette of “Orans” or “Shadow of a hero”.
Anatoly Komelin also develops the minimalist theme, presenting a whole series devoted to flowers and trees.
Victor Korneev once again refers to the body plastic, representing the wood as a living and spiritual material in his work “Torso”.
All the participants of the exhibition occupy themselves with wooden sculpture for a long time. Such adherence to the material is undoubtedly associated with the history of Russian sculpture. It is the material in which S. Konenkov and S. Erzia, A. Golubkina and A. Matveev, B. Korolev and V. Mukhina, T. Sokolova and A. Pologova have created beautiful works. The renewed exposition shows that this tradition got a worthy continuation.
Wooden sculpture is always unique. Here you cannot find copies or circulation. All the works have high inner artistic and aesthetic culture, originality of composition and expressiveness of images.

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