Artist’s workshop

Artist’s workshop
Artist’s Workshop is a multi-faceted, universal and always unique phenomenon in the cultural space. In
every European capital, among local attractions, there is an artist’s workshop, which has become a
museum. Rembrandt’s, Rodin’s, Konenkov’s, Picasso’s, Dali’s, Burganov’s workshops firmly established
in the cultural panorama of the cities.
Regardless of epoch and belonging, on the location and size, each workshop always contains some very
personal space that belongs only to the artist. No matter how public would be his creative process, the
place of reflection and birth of ideas belongs only to him.
A Workshop always was a School. Throughout the historical perspective, we find evidences of the
presence of students, passing to the status of assistants and practiciens.
The main point of the tour “Artist’s workshop” is a visit to the sculptor Alexander Burganov’s workshop,
in which the creative process does not stop. There is also works by master’s students, reflecting the
“Burganov’s school of composition” in their work.
During the tour, visitors will learn how to create sculpture, see various stages of its creation from the
drawing to the finished work, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the people’s artist Alexander
Burganov’s work.
At the end of the tour, visitors can explore the main exhibition halls and temporary exhibitions.