The exhibition represents sheets from the famous “Nordman Album”, given by I.E. Repin’s House-Museum “Penates.”

The audience will get acquainted with the portraits made by Ilya E. Repin in the “Penaty” during 1905-1911. The models of the portraits are the guests of Repin’s “Penates”: V.V. Stasov, M.B.Chukovskaya, professor L.V. Sventorzhetsky, physiologist I.R.Tarkhanov, actor G.G.Ge, art historian, translator P.P. Gnedich, gold miner V.I. Bazilevsky and others.

The artist himself designated the collection of these portraits as ” Nordman Album” in honor of his wife Natalia B. Nordman. Perhaps, naming the album as Nordman, he dedicated these drawings to her and defined her as their future owner.

In 1911, at the World Exhibition in Rome, 38 graphic portraits were shown as drawings from N.B. Nordman Album. These works, different in technique, but united both in size and material, are now scattered throughout the world, they are stored in different museums and private collections, sometimes their whereabouts are unknown. It was not possible to collect all the originals, but, fortunately, the photographs and reproductions from these drawings were preserved.

The “Burganov House” Museum presents copies of the portraits from the Album, provided with biographical information of the portrayed.

The exhibition also presents a sculptural portrait of Ilya Repin made by the People’s Artist Alexander Burganov for the Tretyakovskaya metro station.

Long-standing creative and friendly ties unite the “Burganov House” and I.E. Repin Museum “Penates”. In the “Penates”, there were held exhibitions of works by the People’s Artist of Russia Alexander N. Burganov. He is also the author of the famous composition, which depicts Ilya Repin working on the painting “Zaporozhiye Cossacs write a letter to the Turkish sultan.” In addition, the portrait of I.E. Repin by A.N. Burganov was installed at the Tretyakovskaya metro station in the gallery of portraits of outstanding Russian artists.

The exhibition is open from 12 April to 10 May 2017.

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