Modern art, tired of polyphonic synthetic and computer space, once again turned to a tradition rooted in the Middle Ages of European culture. More and more artists prefer natural materials. The most actual of these was the tree. It is obvious that it is the wooden sculpture that represents the connection with the tradition, which preserves the personal touch and the author’s gesture of the sculptor, which has an aura of authenticity and vitality not transmitted by any other materials, today is most interesting for the creators and connoisseurs of art. The exhibition presents works of sculpture made of wood of the XIX-XXI centuries from the collection of the museum “Burganov’s House”, the museum of S.T. Konenkov and private collections. The audience will see the works of unknown Russian authors of the XIX century, sculptures by S. Konenkov, A. Burganov, M. Burganova, V. Korneev, A. Komelin, O. Kalita.

The exhibition is open until December 20, 2018.

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