A letter to the poetess. To the 125th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva.

The exhibition is devoted to an amazing event – a novel in the letters of two great poets who never met in the real world.
Marina Tsvetaeva and Rainer Maria Rilke – two brilliant stars of world literature created for themselves a special ideal and surreal world in which they were able to find spiritual unity in touch with poetic “wings”.
 For everyone this personal correspondence became more a reflection of their poetic search for harmony and ideal, creative and intellectual interconnection, united in an ideal and unrestrained love affair. And the fateful impossibility of meeting became that special precious frame of this poetic novel, which predetermined its high and tragic style.
The plot and images of this tragic and poetic postal novel formed the basis for a number of works of A. N. Burganov, created for many years. Examining the exposition of the exhibition, the audience will understand that the letter to the poetess was written not only by the poet Rainer Rilke in 1926, but also by the sculptor Alexander Burganov almost a century later.
The exhibition is open from October 8 to November 8, 2017.
At the finisher of the exhibition on November 8, 2017, visitors will hear the poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, the history of the postal novel Tsvetaeva and Rilke, and they will be able to see an unusual fire-show.

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