Alexander N. Burganov&Sergey T. Konenkov

This year marks the 143rd anniversary of the birth of the great Russian sculptor Sergei T. Konenkov. The “Burganov House” Museum and the museum-apartment of S.T. Konenkov on Tverskoi Boulevard have long-standing creative ties. The acquaintance of Alexander Burganov and Sergei Timofeevich took place in the 1950s. Alexander Burganov worked in the workshop of S.T. Konenkov as an assistant. These years of communication with the great master were an important milestone in the biography of the young artist. In the subsequent years, Alexander Burganov presented a portrait of S.T. Konenkov, who has repeatedly exhibited at Moscow exhibitions and in the memorial workshop of S.T. Konenkov. These exhibitions took place in the 1990s and 2000s and they were united under the common name of “Dialogues with the Teacher.” The exhibition, which opened in the museum in July of this year, is dedicated to the birthday of S.T. Konenkov. At the exhibition is presented for the first time the reconstruction of the lost work of S.T. Konenkov “Spring”, made in 1927 for an exhibition in Rome.

We thank the director of the house-museum of S.T. Konenkov, Svetlana L. Bobrova for the materials.

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