Opening of the sculptural composition “Gorbachev-Reagan”

In the “Burganov House” Moscow state museum, on 3 July 2017 was opened a sculpture “Gorbachev and Reagan”. Its author – People’s artist Alexander Bourganov. The idea of creation of the composition gave the Presdident of American University in Moscow Edward Lozansky. According to his words, the composition is an appeal to today presidents – to talk to each other, as it was done in the times of the “Cold War” Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. Gorbachev was invited to the opening. He could not come, but he directed a grateful letter. In the ceremony took part:

Edward Lozansky, President, American University in Moscow – Moderator

Alexander Burganov – Scupltor, author of the Reagan – Gorbachev sculpture

Suzanne Massey – Author, Close confidant of Reagan and Gorbachev

Michael Karlen – Editor, Comprehensive Dialogue Among Civilizations

Jonathan Power – American journalist, expert on US – Russia relations

Charles Heberle – President, Rotary International

Alexander Zhurbin – composer

And other official persons.


References to the media: ulptura-gorbachev-reigan

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