Antique motives in modern sculpture. A.N. Burganov. “Legends and myths of Antique Greece”


Start in the art is always related with the experience of copying the classics and for many people antiquity remains a memory of the school. It happens in the very beginning of creative path of every artist. For Alexander Burganov the touch of antiquity had a greater importance and it can be marked as a dialogue. The theme of antiquity became an important subject of his works. The exhibition presents readings of such well-known subjects as “Birth of Pegasus”, “River Styx”, “Icarus”, “Muse”.

“Birth of Pegasus” – a composition that represents the image of the ancient myth, which has become an all-European cultural platform. Pegasus is a traditional symbol of art and creative energy, it is represented as a link between ancient history and the humanistic ideals of the cultural tradition with modernity. The “Bouquet” strikes imagination, representing the figure of a young girl, turning into stems, flowers and branches, which, of course, reminds a well-known image of ancient Daphne. Burganov’s Muses continue well-known classical row, but their names are unaccustomed to the diligent reader of the legends and myths of Ancient Greece. Muses of “Midday Sun”, “Expectation”, “Blossoming Tree”, “Unexpected Joy”, “Evening Star” – are clearly characters of some other legend. Musa of Alexander Burganov has the head shape, which is sometimes generalized to the ideal of the Greek archaic, it is crowned with a harmonious body comparable to the ionic column.

Turning to the ancient myth, Alexander Burganov formed his own mythology. Dialogue with antiquity, which the sculptor leads throughout his creative life, has received here a real embodiment.

The exhibition is open from 01.08.2017 to 31.10.2017

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