Abstract art expands its boundaries. It invades foreign territory. It merges with calligraphy and captures areas adjacent to impressionism and asemic writing. It breaks the barriers between nations and continents. First and foremost, thanks to artists who experience immediate joy from color or form, they enable the viewer to share it with them, thanks to those who leave the viewer able to feel, to experience, to go directly through, time after time, without putting a point, and taking everything beyond theframes of frozen ideas about themselves and the world.

Where do the boundaries of self begin and end? Wherever these mysterious borders are, we expect good, kind news from the outside world. It is not stories about happiness told by someone, but happiness itself, it is not color and form enclosed in frames by someone, but free elements of the common language by means of which artist, sculptor, musician, dancer or poet gives us the opportunity to feel our own history, forgotten and lost in the process of growing up and losing the ability every day to discover a new and new world around and inside.

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