Exhibition “Magical realism” in MMOMA

November 28, 2016 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogol Boulevard, 10, opens Alexander Burganov’s solo exhibition “Magical realism”. A large collection of works by the master of monumental art, which includes sculpture, graphics, tapestry, will show one of the forms of “new realism”.

Artists of the XX century, who worked in this direction, sought to embody their ideas in the most believable and convincing way, by using the realist method. So, the audience gets acquainted with metaphysical realism by Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carra, magical realism by Carel Willink and a little later with its American version of Andrew Wyatt and Edward Hopper.

Burganov’s idea of ​​magic realism, which has become the key to the project in MMOMA concept – this is a combination in a single art space of “life images in the forms of life itself” with an actual picture of the world. Author opens new contexts of reality, images that are on the brink of reality and fantasy. Magic in Burganov’s works is an eternal clash between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, spiritual and mean. And at the heart of his realism – cold classic beauty. Thus, the audience’s attention will be focused on one of the branches of the “new realism”.

Sculpture included in the exhibition conditionally can be divided into two parts. The first row shows the works of radical surrealist techniques. For example, “The Letter”, representing a female torso, crowned by the open flaming envelope. “Sphinx” is a two medieval chimeras, endowed with a beautiful woman’s face, and symbolizes the dialectic of beauty and ugliness. In another part there is no paradoxical connections of objects: here are the stories, like “walking dreams”, filled with hidden symbolism and romantic aloofness. The work “The Cage” metaphorically depicts the human soul, locked in a “cage” of its body.

Exhibition in MMOMA aims to demonstrate one of the characteristics of Alexander Burganov’s plastic language – creation of his own reality in a world full of contradictions. Erasing the usual boundaries of space will be a key theme for the entire exhibition and exposition will explain, why the artist has not joined any groups of creators, who declared certain priorities in art.

The exhibition is open to the public from November, 29, 2016 to January, 22, 2017.

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