Julia Smolenkova polyphonic abstractions

The exhibition is open from 30.01.2016 to 15.03.2016


The boundary separating figurative and abstract art, declared by nominal founder of abstract art V. Kandinsky as a “rupture from the model, the nature to the transcendent essence of objects and phenomena”, many people crossed having formed in XX century a whole series of directions in the abstract art space. But hardly anyone can unite these two opposites in art on a high artistic level. Julia Smolenkova succeeded in it. At the exhibition are united mosaic works made in the classic tradition of this kind of monumental painting, easel painting and a series of abstractions, executed in gouache.

Julia Smolenkova’s works, which can be characterized as polyphonic abstractions, distinguish by their coloristic harmony and clear and accurate composition. New forms appear at the intersections of lines and color blocks. Color develops in the shades, finding a new expression. Its tone increases or fades, creating new twists in the space of the composition. The structures are multiplied, broken into fragments and vibrate, almost breaking the borders of light and intersecting lines.

Elegance and conciseness of colors inhere plastic of Julia Smolenkova’s beautiful handwriting. Her painting is energetic and emotional; it differs with virtuosity different color tone. Only the color. Its free development and creation of its new emotional possibilities as a creative author’s declaration. Art as an art.


Julia A. Smolenkova, painter, graphic artist, sculptor.

Graduated MGHPU named after S.G. Stroganov, Ph.D., assistant professor of the department of monumental and decorative sculpture in MGHPA named after S.G. Stroganov;

Laureate of V.Popkov Prize, Award “Moscow – the city of the World”, the competition of the State Tretyakov Gallery “Young Talents of Russia”; awarded by the medal “To a Worthy” of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Gold Medal of TSH of Russia “For  the contribution to the national culture”, awarded with the Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts, Gold Medal “Saint Michael” New York Realism. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the Moscow Union of Artists, member of the International, Art Fund, member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists

The works are kept in public and private collections in Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the USA as well as in the UN collection (Geneva)


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