Exhibition “Musical fantasies in Alexander Burganov’s creative work”

Date of the beginning: 04.02.2016

Date of completion: 31.03.2016


February 4 at the Museum “Burganov House” opens an inclusive exhibition “Musical fantasies in Alexander Burganov creative work”.


Music is ephemeral, it escapes, barely finished, leaving only the emotions behind. Only an artist can hold an image, to which music gives birth, and bring it back.

Alexander Burganov is a modern sculptor, regularly wounding the subject of music. At the exhibition at the Museum “BurganovHouse” you can see the remarkable portraits of great men who devoted their life to music – Mstislav Rostropovich and Rudolf Nureyev. Portraits are shown in a special technique accurately identifying the master’s hand. At the exhibition, specific images coexist with allegorical compositions inspired by strong feelings and emotions caused by pieces of music. These are sculptural works “Note” and “Requiem”, images of the Nymphs of music. Huge wing “Flight of the Muse” in the center of the exhibition represents the creative flight; the special elusiveness of music that can be expressed only by the fine arts.

A.N. Burganov’s graphics fantasies, which can also be seen at the exhibition, are no less interesting. The artist creates a strange world on a sheet of paper, he operates with a few lines, each bar sounds like an orchestra, pulling the viewer into the maelstrom of its mysteries.

The musical theme in A.N. Burganov’s works continues outside the museum walls. A. Burganov –is an author of the most lyrical monument in Moscow dedicated to E.F. Gnesina – the founder of the Academy of Music. Elena Fabianovna is shown seated at the piano, she is agitated by surrounding her world of sounds. Two large beautiful wings fetch away the piano, allegorically representing a flight of fancy, musical feeling, soaring to the heavens.


The exhibition is open from 4 February to 31 March 2016

Address: B.Afanasievsky per., 15, b. 9

Tel.: (495) 695-04-29

e-mail: 6950429@gmail.com

site: www.burganov.ru

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