Exhibition “Artists in the times of changes”

The opening of the exhibition takes place on July 21 at 4 pm at Kuznetsky Most, h. 11.
People’s Artist Alexander N. Burganov’s works participate in the exhibition. Among them – the sculpture “Mousetrap”, and the composition “Flight”, devoted to Mark Chagall.
The project “Artists in the times of changes” presents the work by contemporary Moscow artists of various artistic genres that are dedicated to their spiritual teachers – world famous masters of past eras. The viewer will be able to see both the paintings, sculpture and graphics, media art. The main idea of the exhibition is emphasis of the connection (plastic and spiritual) of contemporary artists with masters of the past, accentuation of their permanent impact on our consciousness. This will be not so much about the direct impact, but the continuity of traditions and their transformation due to the needs of the time. Artists participating in the project continue and develop in their works the traditions that were laid by great masters of past epochs.
The exhibition will be open from 18 to 31 July 2016.

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